The Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) HONOR GUARD 
was established in 1992 for purposes of promoting tradition, honor
and pride by honoring deserving members within the OCFA by
presenting the colors at events and associated functions

The HONOR GUARD proudly represents the OCFA at Fallen Firefighter Memorials in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Emmitsburg, Maryland. The HONOR GUARD further serves the organization through their participation in parades, retirement/tribute events, badge and promotion ceremonies, funerals, memorials, station dedications, flag procedures and protocols.

The HONOR GUARD operates at a strength of 25 members. Membership is open to all professional   
firefighters of the Orange County Fire Authority.


The HONOR GUARD contributes to the community by perserving and promoting fire service tradition, honoring those deserving of recognition and providing inspiration to OCFA members and the public.